How to Get Started

Foster Parents provide safe and loving homes for children who have been abused and neglected.  Covenant Kids has a license and contract that are maintained by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and afford us the opportunity to serve children whose families are working with Child Protective Services (CPS).

There are many requirements in place to carefully evaluate and select mature, stable, safe families to provide care for these children.  To help you better understand the level of scrutiny required by a foster care agency, think about the process you might use in selecting a caregiver if you were to face you own mortality–you’d want to know everything about the person, right?  In foster care and adoption, agencies are required to extensively evaluate and interview applicants in order to provide a thorough and detailed description of the environment where the children will be living and to ensure that the children will be safe.  Don’t worry, though, we’ll be with you each step of the way, able to help coach you through the requirements and help you understand what you’ll need to do to become verified.

Steps to Become a Foster Parent with Covenant Kids

  1. CONTACT Covenant Kids via this website or give us a call at 817-516-9100.  The Family Recruitment Specialist will be happy to answer your questions and help you as you consider this important decision.
  2. You’ll be sent an Application and some general information about Covenant Kids.
  3. Attend Covenant Kids Pre-Service Training.  This includes 6 sessions of training totalling 27 1/2 hours of instruction.  We offer training classes on a frequent basis throughout the DFW Metroplex.
  4. Submit for your background check and participate in fingerprinting.
  5. Complete the Covenant Kids Documentation Packet.  Our Family Development Team is happy to assist you as you complete forms and gather documentation.
  6. Participate in a Homestudy interview at your home.  One of our assessment professionals will come to your home and interview all household members (even children) individually and as a family unit.  Couples will interviewed together, as well.
  7. When all of the steps have been successfully completed, we will verify your family and begin seeking children that need the kind of home and family environment that you are able to provide.

Sign up for a Covenant Kids Introduction & Orientation Class today!

Our upcoming classes include:

Day Date Time Location
02/09/2016 Tuesday 6-9:30pm Covenant Kids Dallas
02/19/2016 Friday 6-9:30pm First Baptist Church McKinney
03/08/2016 Tuesday 9am-12:30pm Irving Bible Church
03/22/2016 Tuesday 6-9:30pm Covenant Kids Arlington

Registration is required.  Please contact the Family Recruitment Specialist  through this online form or via phone at 817-516-9100 ext. 175 to RSVP.  See you in class!

Prospective Foster and Adoptive Families can find important Covenant Kids Forms online!  CLICK HERE to find all of the forms that you will need.